When we give all power to God, we liberate those around us.

We take the pressure off of others to fill our “void” – the emptiness and desperation we experience in absence of His presence.

We release loved ones, coworkers, practitioners, and other connections, from our self-serving expectations.

We free them to be people who walk with us, instead of people who walk for us.

Alternatively, we are able to entrust them with the task of being messengers to share His good news… consciously or not – in accordance with His perfect timing and unfaltering goodness.

Praise be to God in Heaven above who hears our struggles and brings people across our paths to empathize and walk alongside us, even when our strides are slow and weary.

By His grace, people are free to…be people. Not God, saints, or all-knowing encyclopedias.


What an obscure thought.

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