Alive and Well in Changwon

Keeping up with posting about my journey in Korea on this page has taken a backseat as I’ve been consumed with learning so much while adjusting to life in Changwon.

FYI – I wrote this ages ago, but rather than update it for my current circumstances I am going to share it as life was near the end of June!

The past 3 weeks feel like a blur, I can’t believe I’ve been in my apartment for so long already. Sunday before last marked a month since I began my adventure in Korea, and the date came & went without much thought…I’m sure that’s an indication of how quickly the rest of my time here is gong to pass.

gloomy day
This is on my walk into work, ’twas a gloomy looking day that day.

It feels good to be back in that #workgrind despite the anxious whirl of learning so many new things at once! I still have much to learn about teaching, but the days are getting easier (albeit rather slowly…) and my confidence is growing with every class. I’m still learning students’ names, but that will come in time. When I remembered that I am definitely not an auditory learner, I started writing names down during classes and that has helped tremendously. It’s easier to lead a class when you can call on students by name rather than gesturing at them, and I can tell they appreciate me knowing their names, too!

I received my Alien Registration Card and got my first pay deposited into my new bank account over the weekend! Woo-hoo! It feels good to pay with a card and not have to carry cash around, counting the total in my head to make sure I have enough in my wallet for groceries.

Some nights I lay awake overwhelmed with gratitude for all these new experiences, and for the beautiful people God has brought/continues to bring into my life. Other nights are filled with tears and anxious thoughts about the uphill /draining journey of learning to teach.

People teach ESL abroad for so many reasons, and I’m glad that I made this move with healthy intentions. I did not move here expecting to take off every weekend on crazy adventures, and before I made the commitment to switch life directions I was already apprehensive about teaching. Even though it’s been a challenge learning – like any job, there is a 3 month transition period – I’m so grateful that I’ve already been through the transition from student life to full-time work back in Canada, several times…

Painful transitions I have already gone through shine a special light on these circumstances, and I just feel grateful that challenges I’m facing here are not the first in my life’s journey. Most of what I am wrestling with in this season are the same struggles I would face living in any city adjusting to a new job. It seems big and crazy and new to be in a different country, but at the end of the day you adjust wherever you are to your surroundings and the people in your unique circle of influence!

Teaching is definitely not my “end-game”, but I hope that it becomes rewarding for the time I have in the field. *July 20th edit* …I’m still waiting. 😉 … I’m mostly kidding, I have been starting to feel more rewarded, which I am so grateful for!

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